Renters & Subleases

PIER 39 Marina is made up of 300 privately-owned subleased slips. First purchased in 1984 for a 50 year period, these subleases can be resold to new lessees. Subleases carry monthly assessment fees, which contribute to the general marina fund that pays for repairs and improvements to the common areas.

There are two ways to become a tenant at PIER 39 Marina. You can rent a slip, or buy the remaining time on a sublease.


A Slip Renter has signed a month to month rental agreement to occupy a Sublease Owner’s dock space. Slip Renters may submit a 30 day notice to terminate their monthly agreement, or may in turn be given a 30 day notice should a Sublease Owner wish to re-occupy their slip.

Required application documents :

  • Completed Rental Application
  • DMV registration
  • Insurance to $500,000
  • Proof of Residency (residential lease or land based utility bill)
  • Survey (Vessels 25+ years or wooden).
  • Sorry, no houseboats.

All docs must be in legal boatowner’s name

boaters sitting on swim platform and relaxing
Relax! With 16 Happy Hours available onsite, PIER 39 is a perfect place for young sailors and old salts


  • 36′ x 13′ $439.00 per month
  • 40′ x 14′ $496.00 per month
  • 45′ x 15′ $570.00 per month
  • 50′ x 18.5′ $651.00 per month
  • 60′ x 20′ $707.00 per month

Download the 2019 Monthly Rental Application

Download Rental FAQs

Download Insurance requirements


Sublease Owners have purchased the remainder of time on a sublease of space at PIER 39, expiring in 2034. Sublease Owners are responsible for monthly assessment fees which upkeep the docks and the tenant common areas.


  • 36′ x 13′ $353.16 per month
  • 40′ x 14′ $392.40 per month
  • 45′ x 15′ $441.45 per month
  • 50′ x 18′ $490.50 per month
  • 60′ x 20′ $588.60 per month

Download an information sheet on processing a Slip Lease Transfer.

tired crew in foulies sitting on the rails
Owning a boat isn’t optional in your world! You’re a typical Slip SubLease Owner.

There are many reasons to buy a slip lease, and as many reasons to sell one. The best reason to buy a slip lease is that you love the location.

Sublease Owners may dock their own vessel, privately sublease the slip, or put their slip into BMMI’s rental program for Sublease Owners.

Slip Leases for Sale Map

Take an Aerial Tour of the Marina.