What Slips are Available?


We are very sorry but we can’t take your guest reservation this year for fleet week.

Guest Slips: Yes, We have slips available. 40′-60′ Guest slips are available in the West Harbor, 36′-45′ in the East Harbor.

Rental Slips: Yes, We have slips available. Availability changes weekly. When your application is accepted, we will give you a list of available slips. We have several 36′-40′ slips available for rent, and a couple of 45′ slips. Larger slips generally have a short waitlist.

Subleases for Sale: Yes. Click here to see a map of subleases available for transfer to a new owner. All leases expire in 2034.

What’s the difference between a Rental Slip and a Sublease?

Liveaboard Permits: No. Not for quite a long time. We have a very small number of permits to assign, and the waitlist is quite long, measured in years. Accepted applicants and current tenants may request to be on the waitlist.

We haven’t experienced movement on the liveaboard list in several years, nor do we expect it, in light of ever increasing SF housing costs.