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Quick Map of Marina

General Information

The Marina Office is located on the east side of PIER 39 Marina on the perimeter roadway between F Dock & G Dock.

We are open TUESDAY-SATURDAY from 8AM to 4PM. We are closed for an hour at lunch, generally 12PM-1PM.

Guest docking will restart on a special event basis only beginning in 2023.

During business hours Call us at 415-705-5436, or hail us on VHF16.

General Inquiries may also be sent to our general inbox.

We have put a lot of info into our FAQs! Please check below and make sure your question has not already been answered.

Please note: Is your question about becoming a liveaboard?

The liveaboard wait list is currently closed, as the expected wait time for a newly accepted tenant putting their name at the bottom of the list is well over 5 years. Tenants with larger vessels can expect to wait even longer.

Slip Rental Information

Download the PDF Rental Application!
You may email all required vessel documentation, including your survey if required, along with this completed rental application to Plan on a week for processing. Missing Documents will delay the process.

You cannot guest dock while waiting for an application to be processed, sorry. If you have purchased a vessel in the marina you must remove it when the original leaseholder’s lease expires. Leases do not transfer.

Slip Lease Sales

Serious inquiries about purchasing slip leases may be sent to our sliplease inbox. You may contact the harbormaster’s office if you have sent an inquiry and have received no reply.

Please note that this is a transfer between 2 private parties, not the marina office. The sliplease sales coordinator only helps facilitate sales between two private parties.

Emergency on the Dock

at (415) 705-5599

PIER 39 Security

Call (415) 705-5544

Mailing Address:

PIER 39 Marina
Box 193730
San Francisco, CA 94119 -3730

Physical Address:

PIER 39 Marina Harbormaster
39 Pier
Beach at Embarcadero,
San Francisco, CA 94133